Self Contained 3255 Two-Way Log Splitter

The 3255 was originally designed for the equipment rental industry. For more than 30 years it has gained a reputation for being a safe, low maintenance, highly productive log splitter that provides a fast Return On Investment! Its rugged yet simple compact design makes it a popular rental machine that helps property owners split their wood quickly, easily and safely.

All Split-Fire log splitters feature the 2-way splitting action from the knife that splits wood in both directions.

Quality Built for High performance! Split-Fire log splitters give you trouble free log splitting for years to come!

Model 3255
Frame 6" x 6" steel tube Overall Width 40"
Log Capacity 30"-36" diameter Overall Length 84"
Tonnage 20 tons splitting force Overall Height 34"
Production Volume 50 cord per year + Weight 440 lbs
Cycle Speed 9-11 seconds Bed Height 24"
Power Source Honda GX 160 series Knife Height (+/- 1/4") 8"
Pump 11 GPM low pressure
2.7 GPM high pressure
Cylinder Size 3.5" x 24"
Reservoir 12.5 L Tire Size 4.80" x 8"
Stroke Length 24" Standard Hitch Size 2" ball coupler

Quality Built. High performance, trouble free logsplitting for years to come makes choosing SPLIT-FIRE the best choice!