Self Contained 3255 Two-Way Log Splitter

The 3255 was originally designed for the equipment rental industry. For more than 30 years it has gained a reputation for being a safe, low maintenance, highly productive log splitter that provides a fast Return On Investment! Its rugged yet simple compact design makes it a popular rental machine that helps property owners split their wood quickly, easily and safely.

All Split-Fire log splitters feature the 2-way splitting action from the knife that splits wood in both directions.

Quality Built for High performance! Split-Fire log splitters give you trouble free log splitting for years to come!

Model 3255
Frame 6" x 6" steel tube Overall Width 40"
Log Capacity 30"-36" diameter Overall Length 84"
Tonnage 20 tons splitting force Overall Height 34"
Production Volume 50 cord per year + Weight 440 lbs
Cycle Speed 9-11 seconds Bed Height 24"
Power Source Honda GX 160 series Knife Height (+/- 1/4") 8"
Pump 11 GPM low pressure
2.7 GPM high pressure
Cylinder Size 3.5" x 24"
Reservoir 12.5 L Tire Size 4.80" x 8"
Stroke Length 24" Standard Hitch Size 2" ball coupler
* Rated tonnage comparable to 20 ton rated standard log splitters.
Options include log lifter, 3" knife extension, extended stroke length 30", 36", 48", heavy duty suspension, 4" or 8" raised bed height, 24" nose extension, fenders, swivel jack, high flow kit, pintle hitch.

Quality Built. High performance, trouble free logsplitting for years to come makes choosing SPLIT-FIRE the best choice!