“…a BIG Thank You to our customers for proving that Split-Fire’s 2-Way Log Splitter is the best log splitter money can buy!  Split-Fire invented the 2-Way log splitter close to forty (40) years ago, and established its name in the Equipment Rental Industry where the demands of quality, low maintenance, and return on investment (ROI) are the highest.”

This achievement soon followed by the design and manufacturing of quality built Wood Chippers for the industry as well; further solidifying Split-Fire’s reputation amongst Commercial, Industrial, Forestry, Logging, and individual users alike as the manufacturer of innovative, safe, heavy-duty long lasting machinery.

The best log splitter doubles the operators productivity while keeping them safe, but not at the cost of build quality – but don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our customer’s log splitter reviews below, along with reviews of our Wood Chipper’s and other inventions including the World’s fastest lay flat hose winder called FAST FREDDY; that winds up rope, cord, cable and wire too!

Additionally, we’re working hard to expand beyond log splitter reviews – Split-Fire now manufacturers a 3-Point Hitch Bucket; a solution to expand the capacity of small tractors. Lastly, for campfire enjoyment check out our stylish heavy-duty Steel Fire Pits!

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More Product Reviews

“…Manitoba ‘rednecks’ in action.  Every time I pull up somewhere to split some wood, people stop to check out my 4490, and are amazed how fast we can make a huge pile of firewood.  It’s amazing how many people want to be your friend when you own a SPLIT-FIRE 4490!”

~Ken Lugg, Manitoba, Canada Owner of SPLIT-FIRE® 4490 w/ Raised Bed Height, Highway Tow Package and Lights

log splitter review

Ken Lugg and colleagues have no trouble meeting friends when they show off just how productive their SPLIT-FIRE® 4490 gas log splitter is - and especially when they split with the 4-Way Wedge!

“…we wanted to share our story of our journey with our Split-Fire 3255. We are a small disaster relief ministry located in Colorado Springs, CO USA. We have been working the clean-up of the Black Forest Fire ( for the last 6 years. Last year we were able to acquire a used Split-Fire 3255 from a local equipment rental shop. The splitter can outpace every other splitter we have used by at least 30-50% because of the ability to split in both directions. We have a small team of regular volunteers (6 to 8) ranging in age from 60 to 75 with one in his early 30’s. The team works two days a week from the first of May through the end of October. For the last two months we have been cutting and splitting in preparation for our “Firewood Extravaganza”.

This is a firewood giveaway to seniors, widows, disabled, and the disadvantaged that will occur this year on Saturday the 26th of October. So far, thanks to the speed and reliability of our Split-Fire 3255 we have been able to split and stack over 60 cords of firewood. We will have 75 volunteers to help load, 13 delivery partner volunteers to get firewood to those who are unable to pick up, and another 12 volunteers to help unload and stack at the delivery locations. At the end of the day we will have loaded and delivered a minimum of 60 cords of wood for over 20 individuals and families who rely on wood heat for their homes. We are a ministry so there will be no cost, no ask, and no expectation to or from any of those to whom we provide wood. This event follows efforts this year which have already provided a minimum of 50 cords of firewood. Over the upcoming workdays before the 26th of October we expect to cut, split and deliver at least another 20 cords of firewood. By the end of October we estimate we will have provided over 30 individuals and families over 130 cords of firewood! “

~Byron Spinney, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States / @HopeRestoredMinistries / Owner of SPLIT-FIRE® 3255 2-Way Log Splitter

gas powered log splitter

Brian Spinney and Friend working hard on the clean-up of the Black Forest Fire  with the SPLIT-FIRE® 3255 2-Way Log Splitter; a service they provide at no cost, and benefits the local community with free firewood to heat their homes - visit Hope Restored online for more details on their Ministry:

"...I would like to say to anyone thinking of buying a log splitter, Spilt-Fire is the one to buy.  I have been filling my wood shed for the last 13 years and have never had a problem.  I have yet to come across a log it would not split.  Anyone who uses my split-fire 3255 cannot believe how well it works."

~Brian Doyle, Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 3255 2-Way Gas Log Splitter

gas log splitter

Brian Doyle recommends Split-Fire's 3255 gas log splitter to get the job done; after-all it's served him well over 13 years filling his shed with firewood every winter.


“…Split-Fire, just wanted you to put this in your testimonials, I purchased a Split-Fire 2265 at a logging show in Ohio over the weekend, and couldn't be happier with the purchase. The two way splitting is the best idea in splitting wood I've ever seen, and I split a lot of wood very small to boil sap in a syrup cooker. Basically doubling the output will make much shorter hours behind the splitter this year. I started it just to see that it would work well and worked longer than I expected and split more in 1/2 hour because due to the lift attachment my back didn't start aching like usual. Awesome machine and I'm looking forward to splitting instead of dreading it this year. Your dealer that I purchased from (Andy from Mass.) was also great and I'd recommend this splitter to anyone.”

~Tom Hollingsworth, Steubenville, Ohio, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 2265 with Hydraulic Log Lifter

log splitter

Tom and his Grandson Thomas make light work of splitting firewood with their Split-Fire 2265, which they use for boiling sap in their syrup cooker

“…I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much I’m enjoying my Split-Fire 3203 splitter. I split 6-10 cords of poplar, spruce and birch for firewood at home a year. I’ve been using my Split-Fire attached to one of my Kubota tractors for the better part of a decade.

I grew up using traditional splitters and was always frustrated by the inefficient return time. I wanted to speed things up, but just moving the ram faster increases risk of injury. I was also frustrated with logs getting jammed on the wedge or popping apart unexpectedly from the pressure of a flat ram plate.

When I originally was shopping for a splitter for myself, I was happy to find that Split-Fire had developed a product that addressed these limitations. The ability to split in both directions with a double sided blade rather than a wedge is genius. Having the stationary end plates wedge shaped to allow logs to come apart predictably is certainly appreciated. I was also pleased that it was Canadian made and priced very reasonably.

Throughout the time I’ve been using my splitter, I’ve had absolutely no issues with it. It is designed efficiently with high quality components and the welds are well executed and consistent. Also, my dealer and Split-Fire themselves have been great to deal with. If I had to buy another splitter tomorrow, I’d buy the exact same one again. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail. Keep it up!”

~ Kory Dutkiewicz, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 3203 3-Point Hitch 2-Way Log Splitter

Kory Dutkiewicz 2-way log splitter

Kory Dutkiewicz has been enjoying the use of his Split-Fire 3203 2-Way Log Splitter for nearly a decade now, with "absolutely no issues".

“…here is my testimonial for the log splitter. It’s wonderful. I bought a Split-Fire model 2265 log splitter at the end of August of this year and so far have split five cords of wood with it. I could not be happier with its performance. Its main advantage is that the blade head has two blades so wood can be split left-to-right and right-to-left. This in itself saves a great deal of time. Also, there are wide aprons on either side of the cutting run that keep all but the biggest split pieces from rolling onto the ground. This means one spends much less time bending over and retrieving fallen pieces.

The cutting run holds logs up to 24” long and the splitter has had no problem splitting hardwood logs 17” in diameter (I haven’t had any bigger ones to split.). The Honda engine has started first time, every time with one easy pull on the starter cord. My model 2265 came with a log lifter attached. I have not needed to use it often but it did lift a log of 102 pounds (I weighed it; at age 70 I wanted to see how much I’d been lifting in the woods before getting logs to the splitting site.). The splitter was easy to attach to the ball hitch of my truck and easy to push/pull by hand to get it exactly where I want it. All in all, I am most happy with the Split-Fire 2265 and recommend it highly. …feel free to change the above. But, I mean every word of it!"

~ Andrew Wilking, Conway, Massachusetts, United States

Owner of Split-Fire Model 2265 with Honda GX200 Engine and Hydraulic Log Lifter

Split-Fire 2265

Andrew Wilking of Conway, Massachusetts loves his new Split-Fire 2265 log splitter, optioned with the most reliable Honda GX engine, and a back-saving log lifter!

"...I have seen other models of wood splitters but none have the same values as Split-Fire.  It is much more comfortable to work with. My first machine I owned since Oct. 10 1997 and it has paid for itself 100 times over and I know from experience that the second one will do the same.  I am glad I bought Split-Fire model SS290 and SS294.  Glad to have done business with Split-Fire.”

~ Terry P.A. Taylor, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

Owner of SS290 and SS294 2-Way Log Splitters with Hydraulic Log Lifter

wood splitter testimonial

Terry P.A. Taylor's Split-Fire SS290 and SS294 log splitters have served him without fail since 1997 (available today as Model 4290).

“…I bought a Split-Fire 4403 10 years ago and every single time I use it I marvel at the brilliant well pondered design and supremely heavy-duty construction. I pat myself on the back for buying such a quality product. I heat my home with wood and supply my neighbors with firewood so my log splitter is a very important machine on the farm. I just wanted to say “Thank You” for not cutting any corners and for building a product that will last more than a lifetime. I’m extremely tough on my tools and equipment, the Split-Fire takes everything I throw at it with no signs of ever letting up. It is built, as you know, like a tank. Literally. Appreciate your Integrity!”

~ Jim Poppleton, Great Falls, Virginia, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 4403 3 Point Hitch 2-Way Log Splitter 

wood splitter

Jim Poppleton uses his Split-Fire 4403 3 Point Hitch model 2-Way wood splitter year-after-year to split firewood to heat his home.

"…after several months of shopping for a 4" or 5" woodchipper, I was lucky enough to find the Spit-Fire website. The specifications and price were what I had been looking for but could not locate. After visiting with Kyle Kirktown, I made a very wise decision and ordered the 4020. Delivery from Canada to Colorado was prompt. The 4020 exceeds my expectations! Everything on the chipper is quality, even down to the Carlisle tires. I feel very comfortable recommending a Spit-Fire to anyone in the market for a quality unit!!”

~ Bill Hakala, Buena Vista, Colorado, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 4020 Gas Powered Wood Chipper

Bill Hakala (Buena Vista, CO) 4020 Chipper

“…back in the late 1980’s myself and my father in law rented a Split Fire for the first time from a company in (Galt) now Cambridge, we were so impressed with the high quality and the production that when we returned the rental we immediately ordered a new one. Absolutely no regrets ... we replaced the engine once and the plastic sleeves inside the frame. About 4 or 5 years ago I purchased the hydraulic lift attachment it sure saves your back. At the same time we upgraded the axle to gain more height (following your company’s instructions), helps save your back also.  I would recommend a Split Fire product to anyone, no faults to be found what so ever, great machine."

~ Alan Whitlam, Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 3255 with Optional Hydraulic Log Lifter

wood splitter

Alan Whitlam has been using his trusty Split-Fire 2-Way Log Splitter to prepare his firewood for over 30 years!

"The Split-Fire was more expensive than some of the other brands, but it looked like it should take the abuse of being a rental unit. It has been a very good rental unit for about 2 years now. We have not had to repair anything since it was bought. The only thing we have done is maintenance - change oil and replace the air filter."

~ Dale Cameron / Battle Lake Standard, Battle Lake, Minnesota, United States

"...I purchased one of the first machines off Split-Fire years ago. I’m on my second machine and I split 30-40 cords per day without missing a beat. Such a kickass machine, I always recommend people get a Split-Fire as they won’t let you down.”

~ Dave Norrie, Embro, Ontario, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 3255HT with 3” Knife Extension

Dave Norrie with his dependable Split-Fire 3255HT wood splitter with a 3" Knife Extension.

“…my Split-Fire was delivered today and as anticipated, it’s a very fine machine. I already have most of my wood split down for the season. I accomplished this over the weekend, This is a success! This splitter made this a simple, easy, and painless job. To be honest it’s a smaller and lighter weight machine than anything I have ever owned in the past. But all of this means nothing. Its much easier to move around as the 2265 is perfectly equal to my needs here with the type of wood I split. Yes, for my self it was quite a substantial investment $-wise. But on no level am I sensing I’d gone to far or made a mistake. This machine is exactly what I was looking for! Thumbs up for the Split-Fire 2265!”

~ Charles Crossman, Wheaton Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 2265 Gas Powered Log Splitter

2-way wood splitter

" wife and I have rented a variety of log splitters since 1986 (Black Forest, Colorado, 7700’). In the 1990s, when our regular Rental Company first offered Split-Fire 2-Pass log splitters, we tested one and immediately liked its simplicity, efficiency, and dependability. Since the beginning of this century we have never used any other system; we (among others) asked for the Split-Fire 2-Pass log splitters by name. By 2010, due to customer feedback and its own reliability, the Split-Fire became the only log splitter that the Rental Company would carry. We liked the Split-Fire so much that eventually we bought one for ourselves."

~ Dennis Struck, Black Forest, Colorado, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 3255 2-Way Log Splitter with Log Lifter Option

2-Way Log Splitter


Dennis Struck's Split-Fire Model 3255 in Black Forest, Colorado, United States.

“…this little wood splitter is no joke man!  It split this BIG CHUNK of wood like a champ.  And being able to tow it into the woods saves us so much time since we can split those big logs right there."

~ Mike Ryder, Otterville, Ontario Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 2265 2-Way Log Splitter with Log Lifter Option

2-Way Wood Splitter

Mike Ryder's Split-Fire Model 2265 with Optional Hydraulic Log Lifter.

“…we have had Split-Fire log splitters in our rental fleet for over 10 years. They are most certainly the best splitter available on the market as far as quality and performance go. The support from Split-fire is also a step above the rest, and I have nothing bad to say for their team or product. Keep up the good work guys!”

~ Allan Attwood / Cooper Equipment Rental, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

“…out of our location we have thousands of heaters which require extension cords and gas lines when they go out. Having the Fast Freddy keeps our hoses compact and enables us to save space. For anyone that rolls up a lot of hose/cord this is something that will definitely help."

~ Justin Lorenowicz, Sunbelt Rentals of Canada Inc.

Owner of FAST FREDDY 6 Hose and Extension Cord Winder

lay flat hose winder

FAST FREDDY 6 always make light work of the winding up of a variety of hoses, extension cords, cables and more.

“…absolutely love my 4490! A Solid 5-6 cords by myself in about a day and a bit. 
The hydraulic lift is a game changer and I can appreciate the overall efficiency / quality of the product. Thanks for selling me the right machine!”

~ Bob Pytel, Vanleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 4490HT with 4” Lift and 12” Tire, and Log Lifter Options

Bob Pytel’s Custom Split-Fire 4490HT with 4” Lift and 12” Tires, and Log Lifter.

“…using my 4003-2 pretty near every day, very happy with it, no issues. Appreciate you guys.”

~ Stu Goldstein, Moscow, Idaho, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 4003-2 3-Point Hitch Wood Chipper

Stu Goldstein and His 3-Point Hitch Split-Fire 4003-2 Wood Chipper.

“…have owned my Split-Fire 2265 for over 15 years. Couldn’t ask for a better splitter, has never let me down.”

~ Rick Vanleeuwen, Salford, Ontario, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 2265 2-Way Gas Log Splitter

Rick Vanleeuwen with His Split-Fire 2265 2-Way Log Splitter.

“…when putting the equipment into service, I found the performance of the splitter and chipper exceeded my expectations. Also, the Customer Service at Split-Fire is exceptional. Any questions or help I needed was only as far away as my phone. My experience with Split-Fire Sales Inc. is a solid five-star rating.”

~ Al Beindit, Port Huron, Michigan, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 4290HT 2-Way Gas Log Splitter with 30” Stroke and Log Lifter, and 4003-3 Wood Chipper

Al Beindit is All Set to Prepare His Firewood, and Keep His Property Maintained with His Split-Fire 4290HT 2-Way Log Splitter, and 4003-3 Wood Chipper.

“…I have cut and split firewood for over forty years and recently purchased from Split-Fire Sales Inc. a model 4003-3 chipper and 4290 splitter. When delivered, I admired the quality and craftsmanship of the equipment.”

~ Al Beindit, Port Huron, Michigan, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 4290HT 2-Way Gas Log Splitter with 30” Stroke and Log Lifter, and 4003-3 Wood Chipper

Al Beindit Splitting a Big Gnarly Log on His Split-Fire 4290HT 2-Way Log Splitter with 30” Stroke and Log Lifter Option.

“…this is the best splitter I have ever seen or used. Delivery was faster than Amazon. Split-Fire 4490 Gas Powered with Custom Options.”

~ Richard Evans, Smithers, British Columbia, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 4490HT Gas Powered Log Splitter with Custom Options

Richard Evans’ is Ready to Split Logs with His Split-Fire 4490HT 2-Way Log Splitter with Custom Options.

“…I finally got the splitter all connected and was actually able to test it out a few weeks ago, it worked flawlessly, and I was pretty impressed with its efficiency. Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to using it more aggressively splitting wood for the winter. I’ll keep you posted, but my initial thoughts, great build quality and worth the money!

~ John Tayntor, Jacksonville, Texas, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 3203 3-Point Hitch Mounted 2-Way Log Splitter with 3” Knife Extension

John Tayntor’s 3-Point Hitch Split-Fire 3203 2-Way Log Splitter with 3” Knife Extension Gets the Job Done Safely and Efficiently.

“…having split somewhere north of 200 full cords of firewood in the 4 1/2 years since my purchase, I have had occasion to call upon your parts department. Every item I have needed has been in stock. Shipping has been accurate, and carried out in a timely manner. As is true with any business, its success is dependent on its employees ability to bring the founders dreams to reality through a quality product, exceptional service, and customer satisfaction. You people have built a company to be proud of. I for one am pleased to do business with you.”

~ Jim Scott, Townsend, Montana, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 3265HT 2-Way Gas Log Splitter with 36” Stroke and Log Lifter

Jim Scott’s Mobile Log Splitting Operation is All About Productivity, Efficiency and Safety!

“…there is no log safe with this machine, it eats through everything.”

~ Henry Vos, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Owner of Excavator Mounted Split-Fire 4408 2-Way Log Splitter with 30” Stroke

Henry Vos makes light work of large heavy logs with his Split-Fire 4408 2-Way Log Splitter.

“…before we started using the Fast Freddy winder, it used to take 2 people to coil up hose. Now 1 person will bring in a unit and coil custom lengths directly onto reusable plastic hose reels.  This has helped us maintain a factory coiled assembly for our customers in less time."

~ John G. Horeth, Dynamic Fluid Products Inc., Ontario, Canada

Owner of the FAST FREDDY for coiling hoses

hose winder

Dynamic Fluid Products makes good use of the FAST FREDDY for coiling hose in their facility - saving them time and money, and in-turn increasing customer satisfaction!

"We have had 2 of these units in our rental fleet now for over 10 years with next to no problems.”

~ Dan Lutz, Manager

“…we have had Split-fire wood splitters in our rental fleet for five years now. They are bullet proof! No repairs, and little engine maintenance. These splitters have been used hard up here in the north east and have created customer loyalty. We will never have anything else!”

~ Nathan Hamblett / Taylor Rental Center, Derby, Vermont, United States

“…Split-fire splitters are a no-brainer in our rental fleet. Excellent ROI, no repairs & happy customers!”

~ Geoff Erkelens / Owner/Manager Total Equipment Rentals, Brantford, Ontario, Canada


“…I received my 3203-36-inch stroke last week! I'm very pleased with the construction. Thank you so much for building this kind of quality! I was putting through some large ash and oak stumps with no issues at all.”

~ Daniel Buckingham, Oakland, Maryland, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 3203 3-Point Hitch Mounted 36” Stroke 2-Way Log Splitter3-point hitch log splitter

“…I took delivery of a 3455 yesterday. Just wanted to say that we have put it through a lot of big fur the last two days. It is a great unit! very compact, efficient, quiet and lots of power. You build a great machine. I had considered several other brands but am glad I waited to get this unit shipped out to the coast.”

~ Garry Kerr, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 3455 Gas Powered Log Splitter

wood splitter self contained

“…I wanted you to know how completely satisfied I am with the splitter. This thing is the Cadillac of splitters. The video demonstrations cannot compare with the actual performance. I am still amazed! The wife says I am like a kid at Christmas with a new toy. It is incredible how fast and powerful this thing works. Makes splitting large amounts of wood easy and fun. Why did I not find Split-Fire years ago! Keep up the good work! Everyone that uses a wood splitter would want one if they were to use the Split-Fire for a few minutes.”

~ Earl Dawson, Manchester, Tennessee, United States

Owner of Split-Fire Gas Powered Log Splitter


Honda GX 200

I just started using my Split-Fire 3255 and it is absolutely incredible. It is by far the best splitter I have had the pleasure of using. Keep up the good work!

~ Gary Badgley

Owner of Split-Fire 3255 Gas Powered Log Splitter

Log Splitter

“…I have a Split-Fire and love it! I Split all the wood for my boiler using the Split-Fire 4208.”

~ Chris Katz, Two Rivers, Wisconsin, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 4208 Skid Steer Mounted 2-Way Log Splitter


CAT Skid Steer Log Splitter

“…with either the two-way knife or four way-wedge the 3455 easily cut through 15 cords of red & bur oak this season and some pieces were pretty gnarly. The unit is completely solid and stable under any load. The 3455 is everything as advertised, and I cannot overstate the value I found in the two-way cutting. I am very pleased with this unit and its performance and I believe you just can’t do better.”

~ Bob Somerville, West Nipissing, Ontario, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 3455 2-Way Hydraulic Log Splitter with Log Lifter

Bob Somerville’s Split-Fire 3455HT 2-Way Log Splitter with Log Lifter is a Trusty Companion to Help Him Efficiently Prepare His Firewood for the Season.

“…with Split-fire log splitters, the public is offered something not provided by others and we have had nothing but good comments, what with almost no maintenance these machines have given an excellent return on our investment.  After owning them for 15 years, I would never consider purchasing another!”

~ Ray Clark / Saugeen Sales & Rentals, Durham, Ontario, Canada

“…I rented a split fire 3255 and I tell you that thing could split an atom it's incredible!”

~ Bryan Lombard

Renter of Split-Fire 3255 2-Way Gas Log Splitter

Wood Splitter

“…Split-Fire Wood splitters split in both directions. The time, and fuel saving are greatly enhanced by this design feature. The relatively thin splitting wedge makes much better use of available engine power, cutting through heavy knots easily. The fact that the splitting wedge moves through the wood, rather than the wood being pushed through the wedge, means that the split wood remains right in front of the operator ready to be split further, or stacked without chasing, or bending over to pick wood up from the ground, saving time, and your back.”

~ Jim Scott, Townsend, Montana, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 3265HT 2-Way Gas Powered Log Splitter with 36” Stroke and Log Lifter

Jim Scott Uses His Split-Fire 3265HT Model to Split Large and Heavy Logs.

“…I would like to thank the entire crew at Split-Fire. Your conceptual designers have come up with a unique, and efficient means of splitting firewood. Your engineering department has done a superb job of bringing strength, and longevity to this product. They have made provisions to efficiently utilize the engines power, and simplify maintenance. The sales staff provided accurate communication between myself, and the fabricators to fulfill my order … I highly recommend Split-Fire’s
products, and people.”

~ Jim Scott, Townsend, Montana, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 3265HT 2-Way Hydraulic Log Splitter with 36” Stroke and Log Lifter

Jim Scott and his Split-Fire 3265HT 2-Way Log Splitter with Optional Log Lifter.

“…when it comes to roll extension cords or lay flat hoses, no doubt that I’ll be rolling it with the Fast Freddy, it’s quick, easy to maneuver and best of all, it gives me that perfect roll and it gives me a standard roll as well. Perfect when it comes to storing equipment. Nice and neat."

~ Eric Theriault, United Rentals Canada

Owner of the FAST FREDDY for Lay Flat Hose and Extension Cord Winding

extension cord winder

When it comes to winding up lay flat hose and extension cords in the Equipment Rental Industry, FAST FREDDY is the go-to multi-purpose winder that saves time, money, and pain!

“…Split-Fire offers the ability to split blocks of wood up to 48” in length. Because I am feeding an outdoor wood-fired boiler, this is a valuable option. I could simply cut wood to a manageable length/weight. However, I have found that by cutting wood to the longest practical length then split it to a manageable weight is most efficient. I have found that it is faster to split wood than to cut it. The splitter uses less fuel than the saw. I’m not bent over while splitting the wood as I am when cutting it (easier on my back). I spend less time sharpening saw chain because of the reduced number of cuts.”

~ Jim Scott, Townsend, Montana, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 3265HT Gas Powered Log Splitter with 36” Stroke and Log Lifter

Jim Scott’s Colleagues Helping Him Cut and Split 36” Lengths of Firewood Piled onto the 3265HT Log Lifter Table.

“…quality, longevity and efficiency, were the highest priorities driving my decision.  Most splitters were quickly eliminated from my consideration due to poor construction, and inferior components.  There were a handful of brands that I considered to be of quality construction utilizing top-shelf components.  Split-Fire won my business for the following reasons: purchasing a Split-Fire wood splitter is a substantial investment; however, when longevity, reliability, efficiency, fuel cost, maintenance, and operator comfort / fatigue are considered, Split-Fire brings value to your dollars.”

~ Jim Scott, Townsend, Montana, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 3265HT Gas Log Splitter with 36” Stroke and Log Lifter

Jim Scott Loading a Very Large and Heavy Log onto his Split-Fire 3265HT Model.

“…the Split-Fire two-way log splitter is amazing. They split twice as many blocks as compared to the single stroke splitters. You almost need three people to split with this machine. One on the controls and two feeding the blocks.”

~ William MacDonald, Manitoba, Canada

Owner of Split-Fire 3255 2-Way Log Splitter

wood splitter

"We have purchased three 3255 log splitters. Being able to split on both strokes is a great selling feature because it’s easy to tell people that production is doubled. The Split-Fire is a great revenue builder for our business - people keep coming back for the red log splitters!”

~ Brian Grant / Grants Rentals, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 3255 2-Way Log Splitter

“…I recently purchased a model 4403 splitter with a log lifter for my tractor. My uncle and father burn a good amount of wood in their outdoor furnaces and I wanted something reliable and efficient for them that could also take the heavy lifting out of the equation for them. Not only does your splitter exceed my expectations, your customer service is even better! No more heavy lifting, much more efficient splitting, and a company that answers phone calls even 2 minutes before closing time! Thank you!

~ David Morrocco / DJR Construction, Johnston, Rhode Island, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 4403 3-Point Hitch 2-Way Log Splitter with 30” Stroke and Log Lifter

3-Point hitch log splitter

“…The optional hydraulic lifting table is well worth the investment. It lifts those really large blocks off the ground for you, again saving your back. This will allow those of us who are getting a little older to continue gathering firewood for several years beyond our youth. Additionally, it is very handy for stacking several smaller blocks of wood from the pile in preparation to be split saving steps, and time.”

~ Jim Scott, Townsend, Montana, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 3265HT 2-Way Hydraulic Log Splitter with 36” Stroke and Log Lifter

Jim Scott’s Split-Fire 3265HT with 36” Stroke and Optional Log Lifter and Table.

“…I own two machines for approximately six years. They have provided us with good service, are excellent rental products and are easy to maintain. When I am ready to buy a new log splitter, it will definitely be a Split-Fire.”

~ Gary Skibowski – President/Owner Michigan Equipment Rentals & Sales, Inc., Clarkston, Michigan, Illinois, United States

“…I've used the Split-Fire for a total of about 4 days now and have completed splitting about 5 full cords of wood. Total time spent was perhaps 12 hours. It's an extremely well-built machine, and handled all my wood, even the gnarly stuff, with ease. It's also extremely fast, and the hydraulic lift was great for handling those 2+ diameter pieces. Now if it would only pick up and stack the wood...”

~ Ken Ketcham, Michigan, United States

Owner of Split-Fire 2265 Gas Powered Log Splitter with Log Lifter

. wood lifter and splitter

“…love this product, they've already paid for themselves in less than 6 months. Thanks!”

~ Napanee Tree Service, Napanee, Ontario, Canada

Owners of Split-Fire 3265HT 2-Way Log Splitter with Raised Bed Height, and Skid Steer Mounted 4208 with 24” Stroke

log lifter

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