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electric cord winder
electric cord winder

An Electric Cord Winder and Much More

“…More Than Just an Electric Cord Winder or Extension Cord Winder, Fast Freddy 4 also Suits to Reel Up Large Diameter Lay Flat Hose, Cord, Rope, Cable or Wire in Seconds!”

Check out our YouTube video below demonstrating how to wind up a variety of materials efficiently!

Locate the Fast Freddy 4 electric cord winder anywhere on the job site to quickly reel in extension cord, cable, or wire; or use it equally to reel in hose, cord or rope simply and ergonomically with a manual crank handle.  Fast Freddy is designed for one-person operation, and it is not limited as the fastest electric cord winder in the industry; it actually affords you an all-in-one-tool to manage a wide variety hose, cord or cable types and sizes across a multitude of industries including utility and fleet truck maintenance, marine, construction, automotive, fire safety, pest control, and welding – and for applications varying from utility fleet maintenance; high-pressure spraying; pneumatic power tools; as an electric cord winder for remote lighting, generators and electric power tools; for winding hose used in the distribution of fertilizer and pesticides, or in hydro-seeding; sewage and drain lay flat hose; watering and irrigation hose; and welding and fabrication wire for example.

Not only is the Fast Freddy 4 quick to operate, it also increases safety by helping to prevent back injuries from the strain caused by overexertion and fatigue since the operator always maintains an upright posture while speedily reeling up the material.  All Fast Freddy models or sizes are available in stand-alone, wall, or hitch mounting options.

As with Split-Fire’s other industry-proven  2-Way Log Splitter and Wood Chipper products, Fast Freddy 4 has also proven itself in the Equipment Rental Industry as a most effective electric cord winder or lay flat hose winder for shop operators.  Split-Fire is a proud and long-standing member of the Canadian Rental Association and the American Rental Association, and supplier to its member Equipment Rental company partners.

Whether you need an electric cord winder or extension cord winder, or if you’re winding up hose, cord, rope, cable or wire in general, Fast Freddy 4 gets the job done efficiently and safely.  Click the ‘Features’ button below to read all of the product details, or please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information.

electric cord winder
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