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fire hose winder
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fire hose winder
fire hose winder

The Fastest Fire Hose Winder and More

“…Whether You Need Fast Freddy to be Used as a Fire Hose Winder, or in General to Wind up Various Types of Lay Flat Hose, Cord, Cable or Wire – the Speed at Which You Can Do That Safely is Now Drastically Increased Due to Our Innovative Design.”

Watch How Fast Freddy Fire Hose Winder or Lay Flat Hose Winder Winds 50′ of 4” Hose in Only 10 seconds!

Fast Freddy is much more than just a fire hose winder, or lay flat hose winder – it can be used with a variety of materials as all-in-one tool that saves time and labor when reeling up and organizing a variety of coils. Used as a fire hose winder it offers a uniform method of winding many types of lay flat hose from 4” to 6” in diameter.  Its guide rollers also provide a method of evacuating extra fluid out of the hose quickly as you wind.

Fast Freddy can also be used to reel up extension cords, ethernet cable, air hose, natural gas hose, welding whips, straps and rope effortlessly; and all while increasing ergonomics and reducing the risk of injury to the operator.

As with Split-Fire’s other tried-and-true 2-Way Log Splitter and Wood Chipper products, Fast Freddy has already proven itself effective for many of our Equipment Rental Industry partners – who use it to organize hose and cable in their shops.  Split-Fire is a long-standing member of the American Rental Association and the Canadian Rental Association and a proud supplier to its member Equipment Rental partners.

So whether you need a fire hose winder, or if you’re winding up lay flat hose in general, Fast Freddy is an innovative all-in-one tool that will also wind up cord, cable or wire!  Click the features button to read all the product details, or please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information.

fire hose winder
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