Log Splitters 3203

Log Splitters 3203

Split-Fire’s 3203 is the most popular of the 3 point hitch log splitter.  Designed for compact and mid-size tractors the 3203 produces 20 tons of splitting force at 2900psi. The 3203 2-way wood splitter is capable of splitting 36” diameter logs with a complete 9-14 second cycle time. Ideal for farmers looking for efficiency, quality and reliability.

All Split-Fire 3-point hitch log splitter performance is dictated by a tractor’s hydraulic system. Compact Tractors with insufficient hydraulic capacity can accommodate the 3203 wood splitter with a bolt-on PTO Kit.

A Hydraulic log lifter can be fitted to the 3203 to assist in managing larger blocks of wood. While in the up position the log lifter also doubles as a work table, preventing wood from falling to the ground once split.

Split-Fire Advantage

  • Frame
    6" x 6" steel tube
  • Tonnage
    20 tons @ 2900 psi
  • Cycle Speed
    9 sec. @ 12 gpm | 14 sec. @ 8 gpm | 28 sec. @ 4gpm
  • Power Source
    3 Pt. Hitch
  • Pump
    Tractor Pump Displacement
  • Reservoir
  • Stroke Length
  • Bed Width
  • Quick Connects
    Not Included
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Length
  • Overall Height
  • Weight
    290 lbs
  • Bed Height
    3 Pt. Hitch Raise/Lower
  • Knife Height
  • Cylinder Size
    3½” x 24"
  • Hydraulic Flow
    4 gpm – 12 gpm
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The Split-Fire Advantage

2 way split
2-way Log Splitter

Double productivity with the hallmark 2-way splitting action on both the forward and reverse stroke.

low friction
Low-friction Slider System

Each log splitter features Low Friction Slider Pads made from Ultra-High Molecular-Weight polyethylene, (UHMW) which is self-lubricating highly resistant to abrasion.

heavy duty
Heavy-duty Square Tube Construction

The Split-Fire square steel tube construction will never twist the way I-beam splitters can.

Unrivalled Safety

A uniquely designed log STOP that ensures your safety with 4 innovative features.

Protected Hydraulic Cylinders

The cylinders inside Split-Fire wood splitters are fully protected inside the main frame of the splitter.